pond waterfalls

By · Saturday, February 21st, 2009

pond waterfalls
How I can clean a pond and build a waterfall?

We just purchased a house, a fixer upper and I am in search of knowledge some future projects. My first is that I have a lot of weeds too high to pick, weed our typical dining room is not strong enough. Any idea? We also have a pond, a real pond, not artificial, that deperately needs cleaning. It has lots of "slime" (I'm told that it is pollen) on the surface of water. There is no filter or aeration system.Where How I can start? And what is the cheapest way to do it? I'm not afraid of work hard. I do not know what I'm doing. I am also looking for a baby Nubian goat, only one pet. Is there also anywhere out there looking for animals farm that need a home?

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Pond with Waterfall #1

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