ponds waterfalls

By · Sunday, September 28th, 2008

ponds waterfalls
Asked about the falls on the Mini Courses Gulf?

I've been to Mini Golf Courses such as the Congo River Mini Golf and Pirates Cove in Florida and I was wondering if anyone knows how to make rocks, mountains, waterfalls? I like to build a pond like this in my backyard and wondered what type of materials used to build the rock formations and such? I had no idea where to find this information. Thanks for any help!

rocks of the falls and the scene "all" is usually made of chicken wire, reinforced with a framework built to support it the right way, then the whole deal is covered with "gunite", the same material as the spray wire frame of a swimming pool …. then it is painted like rocks …. Tables here show a pool and waterfall of things …. http://www.kindy.net/pool/

Pondless Waterfall, Rochester NY by Acorn Landscaping

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