Snails Koi

By · Friday, July 17th, 2009

Snails Koi
any idea how to remove water in my 40gal tank?

I have a plecostamus, 3 fantails baby, a kite, shibunkin, 2 baby butterfly koi, 2 algae shrimp, a snail and a shrimp floating in my tank. i do 10% water changes once a week and 25% water changes once a month and clean the filter every week, but the water remains cloudy. I know my tank isn't overcrowded and I know that goldfish races have high levels of waste, but I wondered if there was any better way to clarify the water. the filtration system is built into the lid and use a carb ammunition in a bag for additional filtering, but thats not yet work. nothing help. thanks!

Their biggest problem is overcrowding, you need to get some fish out. Goldfish is very difficult in a filter and require much space, each of these fish is almost everything that you should keep in 40 gallons. Koi get huge and terrible on water quality. What happens is simple, requires a measure of bacteria that are good, and cleaning your filter as often prevents them from developing. I would like to obtain a second filter with a BioBag, and run constantly, the other thing is one that eats algae. What causes your water to get cloudy is an abundance of cyanobacteria, not algae. You need to get rid of that filter feeders, feeders clams are good filter. The number of fish and fish that should be easily has 200 gallons of water or a pond where a good level of biological filtration. A gallon forty tanks looks great, but a full grown stern needs 20 liters of water, a full-grown kite needs at least 40, Shubunkin 50 gallons and 100 of water, ponds koi of any need and the desire to destroy the tanks. Shrimps Algae need one square foot of space each fund, the same with the shrimp and driftwood depending on the snails, some of them need more than ten gallons, the total that you are looking for in a huge tank. The only thing you can do is big changes Water frequently, but that emphasizes fish and slows its life cycle. Honestly there is only so much and nothing that we do is to clear the water up in the short run if you keep all the fish. The best thing to do is sell new and rebalance your tank, or upgrade to a bigger tank. Good Luck

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