Submersible Pump

By · Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Submersible Pump
What is the power consumption of 1 HP jet and submersible pump 1 HP set?

I'm using the Jet Pump 1 HP with capasity delivery of 36 m with 1200 l / hr. I have a 1000 ltr tank. How much can you point to fill the water tank for 1000 in the LTR unit. Al same time, I have 1 HP submersible to 36m with same delivery 4800 liters / hour. How much power unit developed with the submersible pump to fill the tank of 1000 ltr?

One horsepower is 750 Watts, but your engine will waste some, so I hope it will take longer to get out 1hp. NEC Article 430 amps tables give several different voltages (Example 3.2A at 230V for 1hp 2-phase induction motor) If the bombs are falling to the head * * 36 meters, and the tank is not as per above the water source, the pump is likely to use that power much less. Approximately 18m, 400W, etc. Power is the pressure (head of fluid) x amount (liters per hour). Convert to Joules / s for Watts, and multiply by 1.5 to allow for the inefficiency of the engine.

Submersible Pumps in Action

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