Tetra Pond

By · Sunday, September 27th, 2009

Tetra Pond
how many "dumb" fish or "cleansing" of fish / catfish I put in my pond?

i plan to have a pond on all 6feet and 2-3feet deep. 10-15koi would ,5-tetra fish 10neon ,5-cardinals 10neon ,3-fish 5gold and 5-10 black Mollies. I want to clean a fish pond and would not damage to other fish, have a peaceful nature. im from Philippines

That sounds like a lot of very small fish pond, koi need 250 gallons each one just for them that it takes at least 2500 gallons. And depending where you live if you plan on keeping koi and goldfish pond in the round of the year must be at least 3 feet deep so it does not freeze completely. The koi and goldfish is likely to come to more tropical so you might want to return to think about what fish to add. Having decided that all the 2 or 3 should be good, but keep in mind common Plecos and goldfish do not mix, in fact, as to eat the slime layer have been known to kill them.

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