Trapdoor Snails

By · Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Trapdoor Snails
What plant would you recommend in a tank with a betta and snails?

I was thinking of getting Java Moss, Java Fern, Cabomba, Banana Plant, Watermark, Centella, and najas Egeria. Any other recommendations? Do snails eat some of these? I know that Java Moss and generally Anthocerotophyta are safe. All information on planting, or how they grow, and what conditions have to give. mystery Ramhorn, Malaysia or Trapdoor snails? I am a breeder and have the 4 in hand. I was thinking about the Apple is better, I can always see them and I can take and keep the eggs they produce. Along wit Malaysian snails maintain land turned to plants. What is the scientific name or another name for the banana plant? Oh yes, I have a 10 gallon, no way going to torture my Betta. Not to mention the snails, I know what I do, I've never had bad experiences with saturation tanks being.

The scientific name correct is the banana plant Nymphoides aquatica, although sometimes be seen in a pet store mislabeled as Anubias. These species are totally different. Several species their try eating snails most plants, especially if they get enough to eat otherwise. Cabomba I would jump because it is one of the most difficult to grow and needs bright light to survive. Anthocerotophyta could argue the best, but you may have difficulty planting – not "root" in the substrate, so it will have to bury the lower part of the mother. You can also float on the surface plant. The same with Egeria. Centella (Hydrocotyle) will grow out of water, and in the same. You can plant the base in your gravel, then move the trunk where you want, as it begins to grow up and out of tank. Java Moss (Vesicularia) will grow on almost any surface – only the weight, or tie with cotton string to a rock or a piece of driftwood. Must be secured within a couple of weeks. No need to cut the thread or – the moss that grows around it and eventually decompose. The Java Fern should not be planted, but put in timber drift so that the roots are outside the substrate. You need this for getting nutrients from the water, so this tie to driftwood or rock and moss Java. The banana plant should be planted shallow in all cases – not cover the "banana" parties, but allows them to sit on the surface of the substrate, or tie a piece of wood or stone, such as Java moss and ferns. Egeria can only be that difficult for you – also like the brightest light. You can try planting but the bottom of the stem may rot, and the rest of the waterline to the plant top.


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