water gardening

By · Saturday, March 28th, 2009

water gardening
size of the pond pump I need for my water garden?

I will create a garden with two small barrels. 39 liters each, I to be the distribution of water between the two and want to know what size of pond pump need?

That really depends on what type of desired flow. You may have a wire or a drop of water was complete. Here is a site that might help. http://www.pondmarket.com/Pumps.htm Remember that if you get a pump that is a bit too big you can always restrict the discharge flow and make fitness needs. I suggest you think about something like this: http://www.pondmarket.com/catalog/index.cfm/product/390_59/small-table-top-fountain–statuary-fountain-pumps.cfm

How to Water Garden Plants : Determine the Best Way to Use a Soaker Hose

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