Water Pump

By · Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Water Pump
How do you change a water pump for a 96 Cavalier Z24?

Need to know how hard it is to change the water pump on a Chevy Cavalier Z24. Do I need special tools, etc. Can I do it from the top or do you have to get underneath the car.

Here are the instructions that really requires no special tool, but it is not easy to change a bomb, I would recommend a professional do the job. The pump in your engine is running from the distribution chain is not a replacement belt making very difficult. Work is required at the top and bottom of the car, GM recommends using a lift. If you decide to try this yourself a favor and get your hands on a service manual. To give you an idea of the complexity of this work, working time allows guide 5.6 Mitchell hours expierence technology to replace your water pump. Removing the negative battery cable. Drainage and reclamation of refrigerant. Oxygen sensor connector. Coat upper exhaust manifold heat and heater hose quick connection to the heater outlet pipe. coolant input pin housing through exhaust manifold. Raise vehicle. exhaust manifold to the key of multiple screws. View exhaust system. Exhaust manifold and the outlet pipe pipe bracket bolts heater to the prohibition of the bolt. Cooler box set of the pump inlet water to cover the screws. Tailpipe exhaust manifold. View exhaust system. Pull down and back into the exhaust pipe to drop from the exhaust manifold. CAUTION: Do not turn the loose coupling of more than 4 degrees (step 11) and injury can occur. Cooling oil inlet pipe. Leave the lower radiator pipe attached and pull down the inlet pipe coolant to disengage it from the water pump. Leave the coolant, inlet pipe hanging. Lower vehicle. Vacuum tube brake cam housing. See Brakes and Traction Control. Exhaust manifold retaining nuts for the stock. Exhaust manifold, seals and gaskets. View exhaust system. Front cover distribution chain. See the engine. Tensor distribution chain. See the engine. Pump water to cover the screws of the cylinder block. Water pump nuts Assembly housing when the chain (3). Water pump and cover assembly. water pumps, water pump cover mounting screws (5). Clean all sealing surfaces. CAUTION: Before installing water pump read the entire procedure. Pay special attention to the tightening sequence to prevent damage to the party and to ensure proper sealing. INSTALLATION water pumps, deck for mounting the water pump and install screws tight HAND. Cover to block hand tight bolts. hand pump housing nuts tight chain. Lube Oaring the inlet of the coolant with an antifreeze solution, and the tube from falling into the water pump cover bolts installed hand tight. With gaps specified, the pair in sequence as follows: the pump housing nuts in the chain. Tighten the nuts to 26 Nm (19 ft. lbs.). Pump cover pump to the Assembly. Tighten screws to 14 Nm (124 inch pounds) .. Block home, bolt down first. Tighten the to26 Nm (19 ft. lbs.). Coolant inlet pipe assembly to cover. Press screws to 14 Nm (124 inch pounds.). Exhaust manifold and new gaskets. View exhaust system. Exhaust manifold retaining nuts for the stock. Vacuum tube brake housing of the cam. Raise vehicle. Index exhaust manifold bolt exhaust flange. View exhaust system. Tailpipe exhaust, the collector, the earth, the output of the support tube heater trans. Exhaust Turn both screws evenly to avoid bending the exhaust pipe and bolts of union. Turn the screws until fully seated. Inlet pipe to the oil sump of the condenser. Tighten bolts to 26 Nm (19 ft. lbs.). Tensor chain. See the engine. Timing cover of the chain. See the engine. Lower vehicle. Exhaust key to multiple screws. Exhaust manifold, pipes nuts. View Exhaust system. Beam Position in the heat of the heater hose, heater hose then to the outlet pipe of the heater. Inspect quick connection retention, remove the hose from the heater to verify the connection. Upper heat shield exhaust manifolds. Oxygen sensor connector. Fill radiator with the refrigerant. negative battery cable. Tighten bolts to 16 Nm (12 ft. lbs.). Inspect for leaks.

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