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By · Friday, February 27th, 2009

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The display panel systems are one of the most versatile exhibition display systems. Display panels are also ideal for use in offices, schools and universities or the workplace. There are separate components and without any tools or special skills are only developed and clip series of posters that together. Folding panel kits are ideal for:

School Display Boards

Folding Panel Kits are quick and easy to assemble and are a popular choice for schools, universities and colleges. Display panel board are quick and easy to assemble and are a popular choice for the final sample of term, career information and graphics. Wallpapers school kits are perfect for the sample as a desk or counter, but still portable for easy transport to different places.

Modular Expo Exhibitors

A highly cost effective way to display, folding panel display kits, provide one of the most profitable and easy ways to show the advantage of being easy to carry. Folding Panel Kits are a sample light and robust, and can be configured in seconds, making the bulletin board Folding perfect for use in a small booth

Folding panel kits are very easy to close and then reassembled into a single person. Folding Panel Kits come in a wide variety of colors, so you can choose a color that fits your company brand and color scheme.

Portable Display Display Panels

For information screens in malls, presentations and conferences, POD Displays provide a range of display screens. Visual aids add impact to your message and panel folding kits are ideal panel system for this purpose. Available in a range of styles, sizes and colors, our two sides table tops display ensure you're getting the most attention and the maximum value from their panel systems. The graphics simply accept portable kits adding Velcro attachments to the back of your posters or graphics.

Office Screens and Room Dividers

Display Meetings are a great solution as office dividers and screens. If you are looking to create a stand, a separate area for display purposes or a bulletin board ads as a screen to divide a room, top panel kits are a cost-effective display and easy to use.

For those who have an impact additional showroom or office, Jumbo exhibitors are perfect for placing large posters or charts. These boards also display large You can add extra panels to create a backdrop of large size.

POD Exhibition Systems have a wide range of colors and sizes folding panel kits to suit all applications. Our prices include the carrying bag for easy transport. Many standard colors are available for the fastest lap. All other colors can be done in a week.

Joe Plosky
Display expertise at POD Exhibition Display Systems
Display Panels

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