Adjustable Level

By · Friday, February 27th, 2009

Adjustable Level
What does the dial tone on an electric guitar, and electricity? Is it just an adjustable resistor?

I know the tone of marked changes in the sound. No need to answer. I know the whole process from beginning to end in the electric plane. I can not seem to find this answer in the web.

The dial tone or a variable capacitor is connected through a fixed resistor or a variable resistor connected through a capacitor of value fixed. Any of the combinations when they are connected in the circuit can vary the amount of higher frequencies of the guitar `s output are attenuated or improved compared with lower frequencies. A capacitor `s impedance varies with frequency and that is what allows you to present a higher impedance at low frequencies than at frequencies high. The fixed component (resistor or capacitor), the tone controls set the maximum high or low frequency AC voltage and adjustable component allows the user to set the attenuation of frequencies at the other end of the spectrum of audio frequencies. Changing the voltage amplitude of some of the guitar `s output frequencies sound in relation to the other causes a change in pitch perceived by the human ear.

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