African Cichlids

By · Saturday, October 3rd, 2009

African Cichlids
Best Setup and support for use with African Cichlids?

I am building a tank, I need to know a good set to decorations, etc. and the substrate for use with African cichlids.

A small size of gravel mixed with crushed coral in Florida. Help maintain the pH and makes the colors of the fish stand out. I created customer deposits and used crushed coral line. For me, I make a 50/50 mix, but what always works for you, start with crushed coral and start mixing into the gravel. As for the decor, it depends on what variety you have. The peacocks are water swimming open and need shelter only enough to retire or settle in the evening. The people of Rock or … like all that rock can withstand, the more holes, cracks, shelves, blinds etc …. the happiest people in rock to be.

African Cichlids, Community 265 Gallon tank. Dwarf Cichlids, freshwater aquarium

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