Air Flown

By · Monday, May 11th, 2009

Air Flown

The jet fractional ownership can be an affordable way to own a private jet. Fractional Jet Ownership is sometimes referred to as Fractional Jet Leasing or Jet Time Sharing. The concept is also known as fractional ownership because it is not limited to jets

A person or company buys or leases a fractional part of an airplane, this is similar to buying a timeshare. You buy a certain number of days or hours each year that can use the aircraft. Most fractional ownership programs let you blasting using a similar jet

if the aircraft you have bought into the fractional part is not available at the time of request.You also pay an hourly rate for time spent in the air, plus a monthly management fee that covers maintenance and administration.

The number of hours you can use the aircraft depends on the division of property you purchase. Most fractional ownership programs allow jet some room for negotiation. Usually ownership of 1 / 4 fractional gives you 200 hours a year, 1/8th would give 100 hours, and 1 / 16 or 50 hours would give you.

Look for companies fractional jet ownership with a fleet of aircraft with a reputation for long life and maintenance costs reasonable. The Falcon 50 and Falcon 900 are two examples. Also companies that do not sell less than 1 / 4 odds to reduce the cost by limiting the number of users per reaction and a reduction in the cost of the Charter, and a lower incidence of scheduling conflicts with fewer fractional ownership.

The cost of fractional ownership includes aircraft jet, equipment, programming and maintenance. Prices vary, but a 1/16th ownership of a Citation Ultra can cost about $ 80,000 .. NetJets has 14 different types of motorcycles in its fleet includes a Gulfstream 550 which is capable of Trans-Atlantic flights and ensure that your chosen or similar jet will be delivered to you with a notice 4 hours. .

Fractional jet ownership company Flight Options have a referral program, the introduction of a fractional owner and Win $ 10,000 dollars of flight time credit. The flight options have an hourly rate based on distance traveled giving more airtime. Owners can use 80% to 120% of the hours of share buy each year and pay only pay the administrative costs of the used. You have the option of flexible use option or traditional option pricing. The flight options allows you to purchase up to 1 / 2 fractional ownership giving 400 hours a year.

A viable alternative Fractional ownership Jet Star Jet Blue Sky card service. You do not pay a monthly management fee and Blue Star have access to more than 4,000 aircraft worldwide. A plane is always available and not have to deal with co-owners, plus there is no contractual commitment. You also get a personal concierge to help with travel, dining and entertainment needs.

Many factors must be considered before deciding on weather or not to opt for fractional ownership jet, rent a private jet or the purchase of your own private jet. In some cases the purchase of an aircraft may work to be a less expensive option in the long term, especially if you spend much time traveling by air. With fractional ownership of jet that is paying for the hours spent in the air, and the initial cost of ownership Fractional plus monthly maintenance fees.

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Chance Vought F4U-4 Corsair flown by Matthias Dolderer at Tannkosh 2009

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