Air Stone

By · Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Air Stone
What does an air stone and how it works?

air is just a stone Airat water? What are the beifits? is the length of pipe transparent environment that comes from my construction filter to be attached to the airstones or just left in the water? It is a salt deposit if changes anything

Eh! there! Airstones basically do not expect anything look pretty. It has been shown (the link is wrong, if I can …) that at time it takes for bubbles to travel to the surface there is almost no oxygen diffuses into the water tank. However, they disturb the water surface, increasing surface and stop the buildup of algae or oil on the surface of the water. This will increase the oxygen in the tank. (slightly) The bottom line is that if your tank is airstones for the extra oxygen for fish to live, your tank is probably overcrowded anyway. OH, and the tube inserted in the filter, is that compared to the surface? Many internal filters have an attachment to suck the air from the surface and blow out the nozzle of the filter. This kind of help to move things in the tank, but not much else. Try positioning the filter so that the airline is leaving the tank and air. If the filter then emits bubbles and water, that's probably what for her. (will be stronger if you do this too)

STONE – GET STONED 7.6.2008 Sauna Open Air

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