Airline Tubing

By · Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

Airline Tubing
Can you see a television (15''pantalla) as luggage on an airline (in USA)?

Television is well packed and fits checking luggage size requirements. It is from DTW to SFO … the websites of major airlines do not seem to talk about this: or is so obvious that it can more or less obvious that you can not control the TV, I do not know that. Also, will changes in air pressure broke the tube?

There are several parts to this question. Yes, you can take a TV as checked baggage, however, I advise you to pack securely to avoid breakage. Airlines do not restrict items unless they are classified as "dangerous goods". Televisions do not fall into this category. Most televisions are not the type of pipe being used as age, and planes are pressurized to the same air pressure is about 8000 feet. So the pressure changes should not have any effect on him.

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