Algae Eaters

By · Monday, November 30th, 2009

Algae Eaters
Goldfish eat all the food of algae eaters?

I bought the pills for my Pleco eats algae, and my two goldfish keep eating them all! So I am very concerned about my dining algae are not getting enough food. So I was wondering if there was anything he could do to stop eating like a feeder for the Pleco or anything. Thank you! But another question is whether lettuce would work well? Because I have a lot here at home and none of the other vegetables.

Two things you can do. Feed algae discs at night after lights out. Plecos are nocturnal and feed most of the night, not goldfish are. Feeding the Pleco a large portion of vegetables (stuck on a fork). Leave it at night and take the leftovers in the morning. Cucumber, zucchini and mushrooms are some Allways that work, not worry about the goldfish eating something, he would not harm them. Ian

Fish Tank Maintenance : Adding Algae Eaters to Fish Tanks

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