Algae Magnet

By · Monday, February 9th, 2009

Algae Magnet

A water garden can be more enjoyable investment can never do, or the worst nightmare of wet. A phone call from an irate owner garden water prompted this article. What I was describing to me was the complete opposite of what is considered the ideal water garden experience.

Began telling the lagoon was leaking and needed Add water a day. It was full of algae and smelled of dead fish. Besides having to pull the sump pump lagoon every three days to clean algae and debris from the screen for acceptance in his electric bill was out of hand since they came to the pond. She continued: "The grandchildren were climbing around the waterfall and rocks fell around, exposing the line everywhere.Â"

When she complained to the contractor on the need to add water every two days, went out and did something and it stopped leaking water. She explained that she told a friend that her water bill was three times their normal cost, and he heard running water all the time and thought it might be a toilet tank float stuck. The friend investigated and found that The mechanical contractor had installed a water level controller to the pond. He did rather than fix the leak, apparently assuming that the client never find out.

Then came the dreaded question I asked:  Can you help?  "My automatic response is, a" How much is spent in the pond and waterfall?  "She said, a" $ 6,500!  "I asked her, a" Before taking your money, the contractor does not give you any of the aspects negative of a boat pond, and the dangers of rodents, tree roots, sharp rocks and other objects? "she said, a" No, nothing in all. "

Since we do not try to correct errors or contractors of other patch was only one answer I could give, that should remove all and start from scratch. I explained that I had advised at least a dozen of my clients in similar situations to go to small claims court to try to recover their investments unscrupulous contractors. Each was a success in the courts, through their consultations with me and my assistance to them as an expert witness. One does not even have a license contractor and the client had to put a lien on his house to recover their money.

Here is a summary of what I say to these people I have helped to:

1.Research all aspects of water gardening before starting. You rarely get objective information line defenders selling pond liner pond kits and sump pumps. All their tips called pond and a "how-Toa" information is identical because plagiarized false or inaccurate information from each other.

2. Finding a qualified contractor. Http: / / /? Koi-Pond:-Finding-a-Contractor —- 18-Important-Things-To-Know & id = 395,698

3. Build the water garden, pond and waterfall using steel bars and concrete. The lake record speaks for itself online:
Over 37% of all waterfalls have serious structural damage within 3 years of construction.
57% of owners say they are more dissatisfied with the way that its waterfall came out after the project was completed.
One in three waterfalls and ponds are leaking water within nine months of completion.
63% a "do-it-yourselfers" say they wished they had adequate information "gets Goa" or had hired someone.


4. Using energy efficient centrifugal pump. Sump pumps oil are not designed for continuous operation only intermittent. They also have limited warranty and energy use up to 60% more of centrifugal pumps.

5. Install an automatic fill water level.

A water garden should not be considered a short-term investment. Water gardens in most cases will bring more long-term happiness and pleasure anything anyone can spend money. It's something that should last for decades. If built of concrete and steel bars, which is built to last. Construction sea, however, does not last. Take it from a professional. If it's not worth doing well, then it is worth doing at all. Before you read my other articles in:

Douglas C. Hoover; CEO of Aquamedia Corp, Master Waterfall Builder, architect, engineer, freelance writer, author, designer & builder of well over 1,900 waterfall and ponds in CA (26 years). Author of “Waterfall and Pond Construction Manual” and developer of the “Water Feature Digital Design Library 4.0” Free downloads, no sign in-

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