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By · Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

All Glass

If you are looking for brides looking for that something special or different when selecting gifts for your guests, then I am sure you will love these ideas.

Personalized wine glasses and bottle caps would be terrible to receive at any time of year, but especially at New Year. The wine glasses can be recorded with almost any design and with your personal message. This would be a perfect gift for any wine lover. A great gift to match the theme of glass would be a ring diamond wine stopper. The variety of styles brides prefer glass wine stoppers instead of gifts.

Wedding favors shot glass would be a very appreciated gift among the "younger". The crystals can be engraved with your favorite or just your initials. You can add a special touch by purchasing thumbnail photo of bottles to match the glasses. Your guests will be on the moon with his reflection.

If you prefer to keep things clear and simple. Why why not choose a glass of drinking with his guests the first initial. Wrap in organza bag and attach a custom label with the glass. This would be great as a screen wedding table.

Brides may choose to give their wedding guests glass jars filled with a variety of spices, nuts, candy or sweets. The bottle spice glass cleaner comes with a lid that is all very well is inside the jar. If you buy your bulk filler or buy wholesale who will work cheaper than try to buy at your local store. The bottles can be filled with sweets such as jelly beans to coordinate with your theme is, all the sweet red, yellow, sweets etc.

Your gifts glass bottles may also include bulk tea leaves in your favorite flavor of drinkers not in your wedding party.

Hope the ideas help in your preparation.

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