Ammonia Remover

By · Monday, May 4th, 2009

Ammonia Remover
Question about my freshwater aquarium and the level of ammonia?

My aquarium is not saturated based on the current size of the fish. Judging by the in 1 gallon fish tank, I have about 37 inches of fish in a tank of 60 gallons. I've been doing regular water changes and vacuuming of my land, on especially lately. No matter what I do I can not seem to get the ammonia level down. I have an AquaClear power filter 110/500 and plenty of ventilation. The tank is kept at about 76-77 degrees. I feed the fish twice a day and give a little additional power after turning off the lights in my Black Ghost Knife. That probably will have to do another water change tonight as last night showed my ammonia at about .5. Does anyone know anything else I could try to work. Should I put one of those ammonia remover filter in my filter? Any help would be greatly appreciated

If you are in the beginning of a cycle, which sounds like at this point, you can not do much except the constant water changes to achieve the ammonia level down. Or, if you are not at the beginning of a cycle, if you have added a lot of fish all at the same time, to make your peak of ammonia. How long has your tank been established? No other product on the market that help neutralize the stress effects of ammonia. It's called Ammolock. You will still see the readings of ammonia, but will not make your fish as stress. I also want to avoid feeding them for a couple of days to help reduce the ammonia level. Besides, you can see if you can get some filter media used in your local fish store or a friend with an established tank. This will make the bacteria need in your tank and help the ammonia levels down. Note that you too will have a peak of nitrite after the ammonia begins to decrease as the bacteria begin to grow. Unable to prevent the media of filter used, but otherwise you're probably in a lot of water changes. Hopefully the fish will survive the cycle, but may end up losing some of they. What type of filter you have, and what is the number of gallons in it? Is it a gallon at 60? Usually you should get the next size up – so for a 60-gallon tank, you probably should have a filter that can handle up to 75 gallons, etc. Good luck …

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