Anubias Nana

By · Saturday, June 6th, 2009

Anubias Nana
Do I need to add a substrate or fertilizer for aquarium plants? (listed in details)?

I intend to make three different seven different varieties of plants along with driftwood, which are: 1) Cabomba 2) Java Fern 3) microsword 4) nana Anubias 5) anacharis 6) Cryptocoryne 7) watersprite really want these plants and I know that obviously need lighting, but also need a substrate and / or fertilizers and if they do plz suggest one of the em know is good and also if there is anything else I need to share plz add gravel THANKS normal, but I must add some special substrates with nutrients

The only thing I would say that should really have a fertilized substrate would be Microsword. It would be good for the crypts, but not entirely necessary. All other are based on the column of water to get nutrients, mainly using the anchor for the roots. You should definitely use a liquid fertilizer water column – I'd recommend flourish. Obviously, be careful of the fish with a tendency to nibble plants – Anacharis Cabomba and be the first to go. Also I strongly recommend a UV sterilizer (not put up after the tank has cycled, or the deposit will remain "sterile"), as it will prevent algae problems before they start, which is nice, because algae quickly overcome Cabomba, Microsword, and Anubias if given the chance. EDIT: Simply spray a fertilized egg, gravel substrate throughout epoxy is not helpful. You would be much better using fertilizer tabs inserted into a base substrate. EDIT 2: If you're doing well, should not have any problem growing Crypts under high light. As for the plants to prevent algae, which is a nice concept, but rarely in permanent operation, especially when the fine-leaved plants such as Cabomba and Microsword, slow water flow and the particulate filter. When the tank is initial commissioning, will have a difficult time maintaining the low nutrient levels, as the plants will be recovering from the move, not growth.

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