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By · Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Aqua Medic

Bracelets are widely used for identification purposes. They have gone from being a decorative accessory to an identification tag. With advances in technology, wristbands can be printed with bar codes that can be used as identification tags.

Wristbands are used in hospitals, which has reduced discomfort the patient to a large extent. Barcode medical ID wristbands have simplified patient identification and documentation, to a large extent. The errors in access to documentation of the history of the patient are minimized due to Bar-code identification, as they are enabled automatic identification, and data capture solutions, such as barcodes and RFID. Wristbands bar codes are printed or laser heat and are equipped with awning of a sticker.

Printer medical bracelets have proved useful in hospitals. Printer Printer bracelets have a special surface, which protects handwritten information and relief. Printer bracelets are available in various materials, snaps, zippers multiple, and sizes including adult, adult / Pediatric, extra wide, and the child.

Special Mother child bracelets designed with correlation number system to identify babies with mothers and other relatives. Mother-infant wristbands are provided with protective pocket card insert for writing on the wristband. Mother-Child-proof bracelets are tamper-transferable, and are exclusively made of soft vinyl, which is safe for use on sensitive skin of babies.

A bracelet Band Blood System is a new revolution in the method of maintaining the reports of the patient's blood. Blood Band wristbands system have reduced the chance of errors associated with errors identification. Blood Band wristbands are with the complement system of closing it easy to read data from the area and peel labels efficiently.

Writing about the bracelets can be conveniently used in all departments of a hospital. They are very safe and allow the patient's identity to be included in it. Write on the bracelets are available in a variety of colors, both in style snap closure and adhesive.

Alert Bracelets are imprinted with special allergy alerts logo, which alerts the medical staff to be aware of the special needs of the patient. Alert bracelets are made of lightweight polyester with a closing stretch of snap.

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