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By · Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Aquarium Airline

Stockholm is known as one of the most beautiful capitals of the world. Built on 14 islands around one of the largest and best European centers preserved medieval city, Stockholm has a historic and cultural splendor that is virtually unrivaled in northern Europe. Stockholm, retains all the advantages of a big city, however, owns all the charms of a small town. The city offers a multitude of national cultural institutions – a wealth of museums and theaters, exciting attractions and events for visitor experience. And because of the compact city, tourists can see and do a lot in a short period of time, which makes an ideal holiday destination Stockholm for weekend getaways or extended stays. Moreover, Stockholm offers something different every season – for the city worth visiting at any time of year.

Stockholm is a visually stunning city, their bodies of water, green belt and landscape architectural impressive third component equal parts of the city, ensuring stunning views in all directions. Take a trip along many waterways of Stockholm, a stroll through the narrow medieval streets Gamla Stan (the 'Old Town'), or simply delight in its fairy tale palaces. Architecture of Stockholm, is truly remarkable, with well preserved medieval structure to be with modern buildings: visit the Cathedral Storkyrkan, the Royal Castle, City of Stockholm and the 13th century Riddarholmskyrkan, which comprises the most Old Stockholm.

The city has over a hundred museums and collections of various faculties, including technology, history, art, music, architecture and nature. Among the most popular are Skansen, an outdoor museum and zoo, the Museum of Modern Art and the Swedish National Museum of Fine Arts, which has more 45,000 pieces of art and is the largest collection of Sweden. Children also delight in many places of interest such as the toy museum, Skansen Aquarium and various maritime museums. With so much to offer, no wonder that more than 9 million people visit the museums in Stockholm each year.

Enjoy all the entertainment that Stockholm has to offer, fantastic shopping opportunities to an evening at the theater. The older commercial districts extend from Hötorget Gamla Stan, and Hamngatan, Kungsgatan and Biblioteksgatan to Stureplan. Stockholm is often used as a test of the retail market for many international companies, as their people are usually quick to pick up on the latest trends. This is most evident on the island of Södermalm, a center of fashion, culture and entertainment. And when it comes to restaurants and nightlife, Stockholm is sure to impress you find a wide vibrant restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs and discos in the center of the city and beyond. Stockholm also has a number of theaters to visit the Royal Dramatic Theater and the Royal Opera of Sweden are among theaters most famous in Europe.

If you like the configuration of the city, but enjoy a little peace and quiet from time to time, head to one of several botanical gardens Stockholm, national parks and nature reserves. The island of Djurgarden, which is the first National Park in the City, which becomes a short distance from downtown – which is easy to read a book, take a walk or simply relax in a serene setting. The nature enthusiast is also certain that they delight in stunning archipelago seascape Stockholm – one of the most spectacular in the world – consists of 24,000 islands, islets and rocks.

If you are planning to travel to Stockholm, is typically Scandinavian hotels near the main attractions of the city, and if you Away on business, find suitable accommodation in the business district of Stockholm, or near the international airport. Whether you plan to travel to Stockholm for business or pleasure, this jewel of a city is guaranteed to offer a unique experience.

Andrew Regan is a keen sportsman playing rugby during the winter and cricket during the summer.

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