Aquarium Algae

By · Friday, May 8th, 2009

Aquarium Algae
How can I control algae in my aquarium?

I have a 40 gallon aquarium freshwater tropical, and it keeps getting brown algae on the rocks and in the crystal. I run the lights about 12 hours a day, keeps the water at 76 degrees, and have no live plants. I keep about 12 quarters the size of the angelfish. I do water changes and cleaning the stones and glass a week. I would like to stop adding additional chemicals. any suggestions please?

His problem is light. Brown algae grows when there is low light intensity, or lower in the color spectrum. If you have live plants, reduce the hours of illumination of the tank receives each day. Note, brown algae is harmless to fish. Some fish even eat the stuff. No need to add chemicals to get rid him, because in reality it is dangerous to fish. Reducing the amount of lighting your tank gets lower the amount of brown algae that grows.

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