Aquarium Auto

By · Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Aquarium Auto

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of achieving harmony with the specific location of certain objects in your home or office, which affects the energy flow in their environment, the Chi (Qi), and this can be positive or negative. Obtaining the luck, health and prosperity is usually the main objective of using feng shui. My own theory is that Feng Shui creates harmony in your environment, that everything you see gives you a feeling of wellbeing. If you look at the broken TV screen or radio that has been sitting there in the last 2 years, you will not feel good, right? Feng Shui Cures are used whenever any area of our life is not doing as well as should, like Romance, Family, Health, Wealth, etc.

Now, what does this have to do with your fish tank? Well, it's always good to add an aquarium for wealth and abundance. Having an aquarium can help increase positive chi in your life. When you are thinking of using a fish tank feng shui, too should think about putting 8 Goldfish (since gold symbolizes wealth and luck) and 1 black fish (supposedly absorb the bad luck). However, if you can not place like a tank great at home, just keep an odd number of goldfish. I think that simply having a beautiful aquarium clean with a good balance of all elements is sufficient.

Aquariums are good because they present a harmonious combination of the pull factors of the wealth of feng shui, and a perfect balance of the 5 elements of feng shui:

Element water (water in the aquarium) Wood Element (the plants in the aquarium) Metal Element (use some white and gray rocks in the aquarium or an aquarium trip) element of the Earth (the rocks and gravel in the bottom of the tank) Element of Fire (gold / yellow, orange and red colors of fish and aquarium light)

The best area to place your feng shui aquarium is in the area of wealth and abundance you Bagua map, the area of race is also a good place for the position of your aquarium and so is the area of Health and Family.

If one of these areas appears to be in your bedroom, kitchen, or other inappropriate area, choose the room in which you want to put your tank and put it in the area of wealth and abundance in this room. However, never place an aquarium in the bedroom or kitchen. These are the two places in an aquarium can stimulate the Chi too, what you eat in excess and restless sleep (plus the noise filter will not let you sleep). The entrance to your home is a good place to put it if it represents the area of race.

To get a good flow of Chi, the tank must be clean and well taken care off, with fish happy and healthy. A tank dirty and sick fish can emit bad chi, and will do more harm than good. You can use real plants with almost all types of fish, only keep them healthy and beautiful. I do not recommend with Goldfish because they feed on them, so you can use plastic plants. It's the look that counts. They must be clean and pretty.

Remember what I said about seeing the things that make you feel good? Using a fish tank of Feng Shui will always give you a good feeling.

Give it a try. Sometimes, just believing that things will change, changes in them. But with a tank of feng shui, fish, I can tell from my own experience, you will surprised and dismayed by the changes that will feel almost immediately.

If you want to learn more about Feng Shui and find more ways to improve the energy in your life, please visit me at

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