Aquarium Bulb

By · Sunday, January 25th, 2009

Aquarium Bulb

As for the algae problems go saltwater aquariums (mainly reef aquarium), none is a nightmare as Bryopsis. Have not gone to work normal forces in the fight against most other algal blooms. But here I'll give you a solution that really works, and believe it or not, it works pretty fast too.

There are many types of algae blooms, such as hair algae, cyanobacteria (ie red / green slime algae), diatoms, algae bubble, and so on. But when it comes to solving the outbreak of algae, Bryopsis is in a class by itself. In most cases, you can manage your way out of problem by reducing nitrate and phosphate, increasing the pH (8.4-8.5), increased movement of water, adding an army of various herbivores (PIN emerald crabs, hermit crabs, sea hares, sea urchins, snails, etc.) and removing the debris of the system, and other measures.

But algae Bryopsis works very well, even after military reverses Add to pasture, because few will eat it. In addition, you can still thrive, even as phosphates and nitrates are at zero (or undetectable). And even if you have a refugium attached to your saltwater aquarium or reef aquarium, algae Bryopsis only continues to maintain. Does not take much in the way of nutrients to sustain itself, unlike cyanobacteria (ie red / green slime algae), which easily can be reduced with the removal of phosphate from the media, increasing water circulation and disposal of debris (not to mention a product called Chemi-Clean, that nuclear weapons at once but does not address the cause).

And the manual removal of Bryopsis is a futile exercise. It will actually help it reproduce through asexual fragmentation.

So for now the question "right now – I get this solution difficult to achieve." Ok here it is.

The solution to attack with nuclear weapons, to destroy an outbreak of Bryopsis (no matter how massive outbreak), is to raise magnesium levels to 1600ppm (normal ~ 1300ppm) and keep it there for 3 months. Do not pick up faster than 100ppm per day. Once your 1600ppm magnesium levels, there may be a slight increase in growth algae (at first), and then closes and Bryopsis algae begin to disappear and die, so their herbivores (snails, hermits, emerald crabs, surgeons, etc) will eat him. Once achieved, the lowest levels of magnesium and 1300ppm not sustain over the long term.

Once the Bryopsis reaches its threshold for binding magnesium, magnesium then functions as an inhibitor of the enzyme and the cause of Bryopsis to stop and die.

To raise levels of magnesium, there are many products different that you can use, such as:

And once you have conquered the problem is of vital importance to focus on prevention. This means maximizing the high-water circulation in your aquarium, eliminating continuous debris, efficient protein skimming, keep the pH at 8.4, the use of various forms of phosphate removal and prevention of its addition to your aquarium water salt:

Here's to your success in staying ahead of the game and avoid unpleasant problems as an outbreak of Bryopsis algae. Remember to keep an eye out for Bryopsis new additions attached to coral or rock. Now that you have the solution, we would love listen to your feedback and comment on our blog, which can be found in the author resource box below this article.

Warren Gibbons
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