Aquarium Chloramine

By · Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Aquarium Chloramine

Most people think that the creation of a freshwater aquarium is difficult, but the fact is that this is very easy if you know what to do. Paragraphs below provide a step by step guide for you to configure your new aquarium with ease.

Step 1 – Choose a place to store your new freshwater aquarium
Your new aquarium should be maintained in a position that is robust and provides support to the aquarium. The aquarium should be kept away from windows as direct sunlight will that green and brown algae growing on the glass and decor. The aquarium should preferably be kept away from entertainment devices as the vibration of these devices stress the fish.

Step 2 – Place the gravel and decorations in the aquarium
Before placing the gravel inside the tank wash the sand and prevent dirt and other unwanted particles do not float in water. While the creation of an aquarium should be placed 2 inches of soil over the base so that the acts gravel as a home for beneficial nitrifying bacteria. You should also clean any type of decoration is held in the aquarium, and set as desired. If you wants to put the plants in your aquarium then this is the right time to aquascape.

Step 3 – Fill the water with care
While filling water in your aquarium new fresh water you should use a flat plate to direct the flow of water. The dish will ensure that the gravel and other decorations are not disturbed, while filling the water. Tap water can be used to fill your tank, but will have water conditioners to remove chemicals like chlorine and chloramines. The amount of water conditioner is used on the product you use and instructions are provided on the bottle.

Step 4 – Set the filter and heater
After placing the decor and the aquarium filled with water must be added the filter and heater for the aquarium. It is always advisable to place the filter, either in one of the ends of the aquarium or in the center. Hang on filters are usually placed in the center of the tank at home and cartridge filters and sponge filters are placed on the sides. If you using a fully submersible heater, then you need to put the whole under water heater, but if you are using a semi submersible filter, then it is necessary tube placed just below the water heating. After the creation of an aquarium will have to wait 20 minutes to change the heater or the heater glass cracks.

Step 5 – Allow the water to stabilize
It is beneficial to let the water sit overnight before introducing nitrifying bacteria to your aquarium. The next day, can use the dry method of cycling the aquarium or you can opt for 2 to 5 small hardy fish to introduce beneficial bacteria to your new aquarium. After your aquarium has a colony of beneficial bacteria that you can put your favorite fish in the aquarium.

James MacParland is a freshwater aquarium expert. For more great information on freshwater aquarium setup, visit to learn more about setting up and maintaining a freshwater aquarium.

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