Aquarium Coral

By · Monday, February 1st, 2010

Aquarium Coral

The Mini reef systems are some of the most interesting aquarium systems and beautiful around. While some so complex that are really easy to configure and maintain, while you get some things right.

Three things that all need to succeed Reef Aquarium

Adequate circulating water – This is probably the area where most people can not do things well and the results are poor appearance tank. First you must understand that the flow of water will help oxygenate the water, corals and rocks clean work and provide a natural environment for their animals.

The average amount of flow mini reef systems is about 15-20 times its volume per hour, so a tank of 100 liters are needed 1500-2000 GPH flow. This can achieved by a variety of pumps and power heads or designed for reef aquariums.

Adequate lighting Aquarium – In the natural reef sunlight helps maintain photosynthetic corals alive and growing and you need a bright light on your reef aquarium too. You can aquarium set a standard accessory on your tank and expect your corals to grow. Instead keep the aquarium lighting systems that are designed for aquariums reef. Your choices are many so it is best to read and investigate various types of lighting reef and determine what works best for your system.

Nutrient removal – natural reefs have tons of water that crosses over them every second. This mass of water helps to transport the waste into and out of the fragile reefs.

In the mini-reef systems such waste can not be carried away by what he has to be removed by filtration methods. The most popular method of water filtration for reef tanks is the protein skimmer. A protein skimmer is basically a big tube full of tiny bubbles. The bubbles attract the waste water and collecting the foam handle on the top of the protein skimmer. This foam bubbles for as long as a glass collector and can be discarded. A good protein skimmer is essential for healthy reef aquariums and again that there are hundreds of options for different types of research and determine what works best for your reef aquarium.

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