Aquarium Decorating

By · Friday, April 17th, 2009

Aquarium Decorating
10 gallon aquarium decoration?

I have some fish that seem your words are saltwater though are freshwater … and I know some fresh decorations for my 10gallon aquarium ….. Now all you have in it are fish and shipwreck.Any suggestions? In my tank i have a jet black tetra, a ChineseAlgaeEater, 3 snails, shrimp and 6 What is a black skirt and a cat Tetra Cory … Sorry …

I think it is almost exclusively a matter of personal preference, taking into account the needs of the fish are accomidated, as some hiding places. I do not know if you are wanting to go natural w / live plants and real wood and stone, or go artificial w / plastic plants and ornaments? All my tanks used to be almost all artificial until the past few months, I've been converting all natural substances and decoration. I must say I prefer the look and the ecosystem of live plants and drift wood and stone but must take into account that living plants have their own needs, as proper lighting (I use a compact fluorescent for my 38gal) and a source of CO2 (I use a can of power hanging over the side of the tank w / diffuser bubble). Without But if I go with plastic, I think everything depends on you! Have fun with it and let your creativity flow! Oh, and I must say are really wonderful skirt tetras small fish and friendly! I recently purchased six of the varieties of bright colors and I have been very happy w / their general attitudes and personalities!

How to Set Up Saltwater & Freshwater Aquariums : Decorating Aquariums with Live Freshwater Plants

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