Aquarium Decorations

By · Monday, September 28th, 2009

Aquarium Decorations
My goldfish seems to be afraid of my aquarium decorations … Why?

I just went to Wal-Mart has new decorations and things for my aquarium. I have 2 goldfish and a Pleco in 1 tank. A goldfish and the Pleco are fine, and happy swimming around, but the goldfish poop seems to be scared. He stays on the left side of the tank, even fed them. Also, I tryed pushing the right side with the network, and once it reached the left just swim back to the left and stayed there … Any suggestions or reasoning as to why my fish are doing this? Any help would be great. Thanks ** I meant when I pushed the right side with the network, just swim back to the left. ** Sorry about the typo

Goldfish are very sensitive to their decorations, leave the deco. there, for now, it warms to the idea that their world is there now and will probably be curious about him and will try to move, eat, enough about, etc. If after 3 days may still prevent the sides of the tank, remove the decorative and place it near the aquarium and the move slowly make a little every day, so get used to seeing it, then after they touch the glass a few days, put back in

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