Aquarium Filtration

By · Saturday, January 31st, 2009

Aquarium Filtration

Are you one of thousands of people trying to figure out how to clear up a cloudy or green pond or aquarium? Have you done everything the experts say, and you still can not see your fish. There are many different reasons a gap will become cloudy or green. Time is the number one. Different temperatures, rain and sun contribute to a nasty pond. Also inadequate filtration and overnutrition to cause problems, and ineffective chemicals. Below are some of the truths I have discovered in terms of maintaining a Koi pond or aquarium.

Are all filters created equal?

What are the chemicals that experts recommend?

Algaecides is recommended to remove algae thus clearing up a green pool. They do not tell is that algaecides are a poison, not only fish but also for the environment. Algicide containing copper sulfate can accumulate in the bodies of fish and other wildlife. The city of Naples, Florida has banned copper sulfate because it greatly pollutes the bay of Naples, and the European Union has considered banning their use, as "not compatible with the sustainability of ecosystems."

Beneficial Pros and Cons bacteria



Now I am sure you are asking yourself; well what can I do that is easy and effective for clearing up a
cloudy/green pond
. The answer is simple if you follow 3 simple steps.

Custom Aquarium Installation and Filtration Tour

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