Aquarium Glass

By · Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Aquarium Glass

What is going to be – saltwater or freshwater? If you're hooked on the aquarium hobby, that is the question you just ask sooner or later.

The pattern calls general from one person to start with a freshwater aquarium set up and move to salt water, once he or she has enough experience. However, although it is generally true that tanks saltwater fish require more attention than their freshwater cousins, a careful and committed fan can still go right off the bat saltwater.

Take, for example, say you want to go the route of salt water. There are three main types of salt water tanks of tropical fish – fish fish only live rock and reef aquariums. If you are looking to keep their costs in line with what you normally pay for a good fresh water tank, you want a fish-only, all glass aquariums.

To be sure, a marine fish tank set up is probably going to cost more. It will take more equipment and some of the decorations – Corals, plants and marine substrates, for example – are much more expensive than for the standard configuration of freshwater. Moreover, these accessories are more of exotic and come from all over the world, so you should expect to pay more. But if your taste is really a good investment.

That is not to say that a new set of water is always cheaper. A freshwater tank can be very expensive. If you have lots of plants, are likely to need a lighting and special fertilizers. Tanks housing African cichlids will often need rock as expensive as live rock and coral aquarium requires a saltwater setup. Price, therefore, is relative. Marine deposits are generally more expensive, but that's just the general.

For the same reason, freshwater tanks are generally easier to maintain. This tends to make it the preferred choice for home aquariums, particularly when compared with the configuration standard of reefs. Again, this is not always true. Heavily planted freshwater tanks that also contain luxury aquarium ornaments can cost as much as the creation of many marine aquariums.

Of course, the most prominent feature of an established saltwater aquarium is the great variety of pets brightly colored aquarium – Fish, snails, etc – to choose from. There is nothing like it in the tanks of freshwater fish. Aquariums with African cichlids come close, but still have no strong color contrasts that characterize saltwater inhabitants.

I will continue to discuss this topic in future articles, as increasingly appears to be ready to buy. Aquarius shopping can be a complicated process, but that's all part of the fun.

Dick Nichols is a communications consultant and internet marketing for over 30 years of experience in providing writing, editing and communications planning services for North American agriculture, energy, attention health and not-for-profit sectors.

Dick Nichols is a Communications Consultant and Internet Marketer with more than 30 years of experience providing writing, editing and communications planning services for the North American agriculture, energy, health care and not-for-profit sectors.

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