Aquarium Heater

By · Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Aquarium Heater

Maintaining a clean fresh water aquarium, which need not be complicated. In fact, when done regularly, maintaining the aquarium can be an easy task and enjoyable.

One of the best things you can do for the health of fish is regularly changing the water in your aquarium. It is important to do this once a week. Never use abrasive cleaners or household products in your aquarium. These contribute to disturb the chemical balance their need for fish. In addition, you should never add water to an aquarium freshwater. The abrupt change in water temperature can send your fish into shock.

Change the water is an essential part of keeping your aquarium clean. The process need not be daunting. In fact, can be divided into several easy to follow steps.

First start by disconnecting the heater tank. Then the transfer of decorations – including artificial plants – a new bucket. It is important that you use a bucket that is new and reserved exclusively for the cleaning of your aquarium. If you use your hub for other purposes may inadvertently expose the fish to harsh chemicals as a result of illness or death.

Now take a sponge algae (Note: you can buy one from your local pet store) and carefully rub the inside of your aquarium. If algae is difficult to remove, you can try a new razor carefully scrape algae away.

Then you must turn off the pump and remove the filter. Take the bucket decorated with a sink and rinse them off. Again, you should not use chemicals. Plain water will do. If there is algae in these things, you can rub your fingers against them with force to remove it.

If you followed the above steps carefully, it's time to use the gravel cleaner. While the instructions may vary by manufacturer, the best approach will be the cleanest place in the bottom of the rocks. Watch as the water travels through the debris trap. When the water is clear, move the cleaner the place Next and follow the same steps as before. Continue this process until you have extracted twenty-five to thirty percent of the water in your aquarium.

Now take the water temperature. Make a note of it and adjust their tap water until it is the same temperature. Once you have enough water, add to the aquarium. (Note: If is chlorinated water, you will to add de-chlorinator to your first aquarium.)

Add decoration to your aquarium and replace your filter. Connect the heater and turn on the pump.

Remember not just about cleaning, but how to clean an aquarium can make a comfortable place for your fish to live.

Brian Wong is a freshwater fish enthusiast, and enjoys helping others get started in this amazing hobby. His newest book, “The Ultimate Guides To Freshwater Aquariums” teaches aquarists everything they need to know about starting and maintaining a thriving freshwater aquarium. For more great information on freshwater aquarium maintenance , visit

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