Aquarium Kit

By · Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Aquarium Kit

1. Fill your tank with only "age" or water conditioning. Never use tap water unconditioned. Conditioned tap water is better than the aging water tap ( "aging" is the practice of tap water reserve sufficient time to allow the release of chlorine and other substances harmful to fish).

2. Plan to change about 20-25% of your aquarium water every three weeks. Using water to be discarded to flush out any aquarium decoration. Never use detergents to clean the fish tank or aquarium decorations.

3. Change your aquarium filter once a month. TIP: experts cut a piece of filter media age, rinse gently in water that is discharged and to add new filter media to promote growth of beneficial bacteria. Maintaining the same piece of media and continue to recycle to the subsequent filter changes.

4. Maintain a constant temperature in the tank. To maintain the temperature will vary depending on their species fish, but should normally range from 74 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. Maintaining a pH balance of 7.0 (using a water chemistry kit to test water quality).

6. Do not overfeed the fish. This is the worst and most common offense by beginners. You should only feed a diet enough for their aquarium fish can consume all within 2 minutes. Use several different types of fish food to provide a variety of nutrients.

7. When adding new fish to your aquarium, place the bag with the fish in the tank to acclimate the fish to the water temperature in the fish tank for about 15 minutes before using a network to move the new fish to your tank bag of fish. Never dispose of aquarium water from the store in their own aquarium. Pet Fish should be added in groups of, no more than 1 or 2 at a time, unless they are schooling fish.

8. Quite obviously dead fish immediately. They can raise bad bacteria in your fish tank and stress the immune system of the other fish very quickly.

There are many more issues relating to keeping fish such as water circulation, water quality, aquarium environment, kidnapping, or quarantine new fish before introducing them into the pristine environment of the aquarium, aquarium equipment selection, population density of fish in your fish tank, and more than the beginner will have questions about, and you could write a book about each of these issues. The basic guidelines for the maintenance of the fish discussed here are only meant to guide beginners in the right direction for the study.

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