Aquarium Lcd

By · Saturday, December 26th, 2009

Aquarium Lcd
What is the best way to arrange the furniture?

ok my room is a rectangle. The north and south are the longer sides on the side north are huge windows overlooking the front yard on the west side there is a (size of the door) entrance to the corridor on the south side is a (size of the door) entrance to the kitchen and nothing on this side of the wall, but now I want to put a loveseat and a 3 seater leather sofa (white) 42 inch LCD TV with stand, 1 bedside table and an aquarium fish (55 gallons w / stand) Where should I put what. thanks

I would put the couch 3 / 4 turn back to the large window (you'll get a silhouette effect on the TV if they do not). Place your 42 "TV in the south wall / The love seat should go to a 45 degree angle on the couch in the east wall (also against to the TV. I put my tank on the west wall, and try to add a chair beside her. or side table beside the sofa, (if it is a table) behind it (if, sa sofa table) or against it (if it is a coffee table. You should hang a large painting on the wall opposite the bowl with colors like that in your fish tank.

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