Aquarium Light

By · Sunday, January 10th, 2010

Aquarium Light
Can I use a regular light work instead of buying a strip of light for a planted aquarium tank?

Can I use a regular work light instead of buy a strip of light aquarium? Because its cheaper, you can put T8 bulbs fluroscent … Really what is the point of purchase purchase 100 Aquarium light AA +, when you can buy a cheap worklight ugly, but it will be so good? light sage?

Yes, you can do this. If you have the option to obtain the latest T-8 shoplights instead of oldder T-12S. The tubes have a diameter closer and better light output. You can get the T-8 of about $ 13 – $ 15 in Walmarts. I belong to a club planted tanks, and several of our members use T-8 in their tanks. This is also a good method when using racks you'r 10-gallon tank, 1 tank shoplight can turn 4-5 if they feel that their fronts / backs are together and he is looking at them from the side. Buy full tubes spectrum if you can afford. You can also make 1 full spectrum and 1 cool white, which is a little cheaper and the plants do not seem to mind.

Corallife aquarium light upgrade on 55 gallon tank

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