Aquarium Magnetic

By · Sunday, September 6th, 2009

Aquarium Magnetic
curved glass aquariums?

I have a JBJ nanocube, and my glass has a long row zero. I thoought glass never gets scratched: (. I think it will be scratched, because … you know the magnetic glass scrapper, which comes with the nano cube, I scratched my glass aquarium (the outside area) u arent supposed to scrap algae with the magnet or put there hands scrub n? Each glass AQUARIUM GETS A RIGHT zero? no matter what? right

Prevention of each scratch, even in a glass aquarium is impossible. If you think you have a perfect crystal configuration, drain the water halfway and wait for it to dry. Most scratches arent a problem. Having a tank without scratching it's nice for us. The only really deep cause a problem. I recommend taking off the magnetic cleaner. Each time I used one of those, has scratched my tank. Ive only had a few years ago that has not yet, but I do not remember the brand. I just use the pads of algae and do everything by hand today. But as for repair … I can not illusions. I was able to repair an acrylic tank with some plastic repair material, but glass … Im not too sure.

Romaurie Effect:: back to basics.

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