Aquarium Marine

By · Friday, January 30th, 2009

Aquarium Marine

Add your first fish to a saltwater aquarium is a great feeling again. also brings to life the tank. Unfortunately, many people turn to this event in a frustrating ordeal by adding fish to expeditiously and to lose are losing time and money. So when it's time to add fish to a tank saltwater?

When I add to my aquarium fish saltwater?

Before adding fish to your aquarium new marine has to make a claim that water chemistry is right and necessary bacteria have grown in order to make the water potable.

Of water in a saltwater tank again is not safe because any food from rotting fish or the normal amount of fish waste from ammonia levels can cause an increase in water. This ammonia is toxic to most fish and invertebrates, and kill in a short period of time.

The bacteria they need to grow to get rid of this ammonia are called nitrifying bacteria. This invisible bacteria convert the ammonia to nitrite and nitrite into harmless nitrogen or free nitrates.

To ensure that this bacterium has grown to be the marine aquarium cycles. This is often done by adding a pinch of fish food into the tank or the addition of live rock in the tank. The food will decay and cause a spike in ammonia as small die body in the living rock. This will cause the ammonia bacteria nitrifiers to start growing.

To check for a cycle that should test for ammonia daily. Once you see peak ammonia nitrite test. After nitrites appear then disappear your saltwater aquarium is ready to fish.

But slowly add one or two at a time and wait a couple of weeks between the new additions or more could whelm the system and cause a small increase in ammonia.

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