Aquarium Mini

By · Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

Aquarium Mini

If you've been enchanted by the beauty and personality of the involvement of betta fish and you think you would like to have one, here are some basic facts betta fish that might interest you. Some of these pieces of information might actually be useful, while others are interesting and just add to their knowledge Overview betta fish. These basic facts as the origin and natural habitat are essential if you really want to have and care of bettas.

The Betta splendens or Siamese fighting fish, is a native of lazy rivers and ponds in Asia. First seen in Cambodia, which was formerly known as Siam, hence the name Siamese fighting fish, also be found in Vietnam, Thailand and China. Bettas are known to be very aggressive towards other bettas and will fight until his opponent's back or is seriously injured only to defend its territory. This behavior has been exploited for entertainment, but these days the aggressive traits of betta fish are often the bread by breeders.

Undoubtedly, the beautiful colors and fins that flow pet betta fish very attractive. Another reason for its appeal is that they tend to respond their owners far more than other fish. Their vision is phenomenal, and usually closer to the water surface when they see you coming. Bettas males have more time, while that the fins of the fins of women 'are shorter. Male Bettas are also larger and more colorful.

The aggressive nature of the betta is why it is difficult to maintain in a single tank without them own aggression toward others. Although often attack other bettas are surprisingly tolerant other types of fish are being bullied by other aggressive fish. Maybe it's because not treat other types of fish as competitors of women.

This feature bettas makes a fitting complement to a community tank, although it will not tank mates with any good fish, and probably always will be happier when alone.

If you are planning to build a community tank, you had better do some research on support for a betta fish.

Another betta fish to be found interesting is their method of breathing. Instead of breathing underwater like most fish, bettas breathe of air instead of water with an organ called the labyrinth. That's why you might notice that rise to the surface and opening his mouth once in a while. For that reason it is best keep bettas in a tank that is not too high. His frequent trips to the area may require much energy, which stands out and make them weaker and therefore more susceptible to disease. That is why, although some designs of aquarium can be very attractive, if too high, not the best option for a betta.

A good example would be wall mounted aquariums. They are very popular among many fans due to the ease of maintenance. Aqua Bella Aquariums, for example, require water changes only once a year. Although technically suitable for betta fish, it would be ideal. Remember natural home Betta – shallow warm waters of the rice fields. In terms of aquarium which translates to 10 inches from the substrate to the water surface as the ideal height for a betta.

If you want to keep a betta as a pet, you should always keep in mind that bettas are from a tropical climate. To maintain healthy, should reproduce the conditions from its natural environment. The water temperature around 75 Fahrenheit to 85 degrees should keep the fish comfortable and reduce the possibility of parasites. You must also ensure that your water does not move too quickly in case of having an active filtration system. Bettas are used for slow moving water and strong currents that can stress.

Some are popular aquarium filter strong enough. Be sure to ask about that before your purchase, as not all manufacturers are aware of bettas' needs in this regard and that sometimes advertise or recommend certain types of filtration tanks betta fish, although the current is definitely too strong.

If you want to deepen their understanding of these beautiful species, betta fish facts can be found in everything from library books for Wikipedia entries in Internet. They are not only entertaining but also informative. Some facts are essential to you, If you aspire to become owner of a betta fish as This knowledge can help improve your ability to care for your pet fish.

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