Aquarium Moon

By · Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Aquarium Moon
Moon jellyfish?

So me and my mom went to the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga, TN. My mother saw these jellyfish and was completely enchanted moon with them (do not ask me why). His birthday is in August and I would get one or two so you can keep in her room in an aquarium. Where I buy and is legal?

Jellyfish are very, very difficult to maintain in captivity, therefore, why are only seen in public aquariums and not in tents Pet. they need a circular tank with filtration specialists (they've actually had leaked designed by scientists specifically to your needs) not self propelled as much as going to where the current takes them, so in a tank or rectangular with the corners that just end up trapped in the corner and die. Not to mention the same to be sensitive to water quality and special dietary needs. leave these animals to public aquaria and wild, let the experts take care of them. get your mother a bonus or something of the aquarium so you can go visit.

Sydney Aquarium moon jellyfish

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