Aquarium Multi

By · Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Aquarium Multi
Help me to start an aquarium, please?

I have a 5 gallon, aquarium height i want to start my own little underwater community. I think it's always a good thing to have one at home. anyway help me get started. I want something relatively easy (I will not do harm to fish for my inexperience), but nevertheless good. I am more in several bright colors or fish instead of light color. Please give me some advice on where to begin and what to choose. thanks, yes, do not worry, there is a filter, a heater and a thermometer ready.

I think platia are some of the easiest fish to begin with. They are very resistant Compared with other easy care of the fish die within weeks. There was one that lived for three years, through all kinds of diseases and conditions water. Start by betting its fake plants and other decorations in place before adding the gravel and water. Be sure to thoroughly rinse the gravel and the purchase of water filter or use bottled water. Keep the tank clean to help prevent diseases such as fungi and bacteria problems. Feed your fish twice a day, just what can finish eating. Fish is best to keep a bit of hunger that are constantly full.

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