Aquarium Ornament

By · Saturday, April 11th, 2009

Aquarium Ornament

One of the strongest fish for freshwater aquariums, fish paradise (Paradise fish) is perfect for enthusiasts and amateurs alike. The mixture of shades of red and blue colors ranging from rich blue aquamarine makes the perfect ornament Bubble fish in any freshwater tank.

Paradise Fish one type is aggressive in the family of gouramis. The size of the 10 gallon tank can be perfect for fish, but if it is the only one. If we must be partners of the same race, the tank size of about 30-40 liters is recommended. Fill the tank half way, and decorate it with lots of plants so that when bother to hide. The water filter should be placed on a low level to keep the spot is disturbed, but high enough to filter and aerate the tank properly. The ideal temperature of the tank must be kept around 70 degrees, but the paradise fish can survive temperatures of up to 80-90. If you want to put in the tank colleagues As ever, the place of fish that are small, slow, and flow with the fins, because they are much more likely to be attacked by fish of Paradise.

It is so difficult to feed the Paradise Fish. You can eat flake foods, blood worms, and small fish. Some breeders feed their fish with guppies Paradise small to keep them healthy. As far as possible the introduction of live food fish every once in a while. Breeding is easy, and some appear to a temperature of 77 degrees causes the fish to spawn. Are generated by building bubble nests, so it is really necessary to put the filter down. Once completed mating ritual, you should put the female in a separate tank, or attack and kill the male. Just remember to cover the tank to the paradise fish are known jumpers.

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