Aquarium Plants

By · Monday, October 12th, 2009

Aquarium Plants
There is no black hair on aquarium plants. Any idea what it is?

I have a freshwater aquarium. The bamboo plants are receiving lots of light and fertilizer. What's there? How can I get rid of it?!

Bamboo is not an aquatic plant. It can survive underwater for a while, but eventually starting to rot. But if your plan is vague and clearly not die, but then, who is black beard algae (aka BBA or red algae) The reason you are getting too light and too much fertilizer, probably. Reduce the photoperiod (the amount of time your light is on) to approximately 8-9 hours per day. You should not have to feed your plants a lot – the fish waste provides adequate fertilizer for most plants. If you must pay, do so in moderation. BBA algae and others are often fueled by excess nutrients in the water. What can not eat plants, algae, and they will thrive. BBA is difficult to manually remove. You can try to get some out. Once your stop algae growing, will cease broadcasting, but what is not going to die. You can stop there, if you do not mind, or remove the plants and clean the area with a Q-tip soaked in hydrogen peroxide, which does not always work, but it helps. Worst scenario dunk your plant an early resolution 19:1 water: chlorine. Your plant will not be too good then, and frankly, I would not bamboo, but the new growth be free of algae. If you want to venture into CO2, plants can help further. They use the CO2, the more you have in the tank, the better (within reason). You can buy CO2 pressure, but that's expensive and unnecessary for a small tank. You can also It's pretty easy DIY. If you feel until you can buy pre-made in the petstore. It works the same way but costs 30-50 $. Note that most algae eaters (Plecos etc) will not touch BBA. Chinese algae eaters have been known to eat it when they are babies, but quickly become aggressive, 6 "+ carnivores and do not recommend getting one to eat with their algae because it will stop eating algae in a few months.

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