Aquarium Plastic

By · Monday, October 5th, 2009

Aquarium Plastic
Easiest way to remove the buildup of calcium in my tank and plastic fittings?

Meaning of the hood, filters, etc.. What is the easiest way? I've heard the vinegar, but I only have Apple Cider Vinegar. Is this fine? I also heard about using a razor blade, but I do not trust that because of "moisture strip" and such .. I also have lemon juice, Mr. Clean magic erasers (original, no chemicals) in hand .. Before starting, it is the easiest?

I have hard water where I live and have always had lime deposits in our tanks and our teams too. I used to make a paste of vinegar and salt and wash the tank with it. whether the accumulation of lime was difficult then just leave the pasta to sit on it for a time and are usually released and cleaned very well. Rinse well. and magic erasers really are toxic if you look in the package. I do not know what is in them or what are made of silica (perhaps) but I know that you should not use anything that you or your animals to eat or drink .. not to mention having to live! vinegar cider is good to use. I always washed my tanks outside on sunny days. in this way can get a lot of washing and then let them air dry in the sun.

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