Aquarium Pond

By · Monday, March 23rd, 2009

Aquarium Pond
Live aquarium plants in the pond?

He would live aquarium plants be able to survive in a pond? I'm getting a pool soon, so I'm kind of doing a little research on them first.

There are many aquatic or marsh plants that are adapted perfectly to your pond. Fully species waterfowl include Anacharis / Elodea, Tiger Lotus (producing lily with flowers), banana plants (which also produce lilies and flowers), plants Sword (although they may grow out of water), onion plants, Java Fern, and many others. Keep in mind, you have to do a good job of controlling algae, or go to choke out the plants … Bog plants like bamboo, cattails, reeds and other plants make great additions to the water's edge … All the plants listed will not have trouble tolerating lower temperatures, but algae control will be key … Contact me with any questions. Soop Nazi

aquarium pond

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