Aquarium Ponds

By · Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

Aquarium Ponds

Ponds have been given bad press in the media lately and I think rather unfairly. From moving or still water, pool or pond has a fasination for children of all ages. Weather in children attracted by wildlife, or cold water or sounds pretty curls, making love and water Not surprisingly, children drown in pools nationwide.

If we look at the statistics, we see many of the gravest threats to our children that ponds. The RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) Statistics for 2002 in the drowning of a program total of 427 deaths from drowning only thirteen of these in garden ponds. Thata and 3% thought these statistics have declined since the start of the pool safety campaign.

Since a maintenance expert ponds that are regularly called upon to make garden ponds by parents concerned about their safety Childs. But two factors make this overly hysterical reaction prudent. Most children drown in garden ponds acctually drown in a pool of friends or neighbors. So the removal of your own pond is a automatic reaction, when you know your own pond is there and take appropriate precautions.

In 2004 statistics show 11 deaths falls in children under 14 years only. If you look around any garden there are many accidents waiting to happen. Sharp or hard stones in the rockery, pickets bamboo uncapped, allergic reactions to insect bites, opened doors leading to the road, unsafe playground equipment, improperly stored chemicals the garden, I'm sure you can think of more.

All these dangers as the pond can be safe with parental supervision and a little common sense. A child drowning if they canÂ't parent or responsible adult. If youÂ're going to let your child wander unsupervised in the garden, then must remove all hazardous elements and with all the interesting features. Garden ponds are a source of great inspiration, and a great educational tool, we all remember the life cycle of a frog who taught us in school Dona't.

What can we do to ensure security in the pond, even for children of visitors?

Then we have a number of options here in the design of your pond is likely to raise the pond with brick., This prevents the child she mearly running with the viewing, and can perform completely.For younger children older children raised in a fence top of the raised walls will keep you safe while you can still see the fish, this applies also to koi ponds or ponds terraced gardens, but in ponds and lakes in most brick wildlive natural environment does not seem so good.In these circumstances, a metal or plastic mesh is better, you can have a custom metal grill built a blacksmith who made my complements the pond or can get a plastic grill that sites below the surface and are almost completely invisible. There are a few that do Companys and install these and be away from cheap theÂ're cheaper and easier to handle than wire rack. And on the issue of price what price you put on a Child's safety.

The contact numbers of some of the companies that are safety nets for below pond

SafaDeck (01623) 428873.
DiamonDeck 0800 169 6919
Pondguard (01942) 888601

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