Aquarium Red

By · Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Aquarium Red

Red Velvet swordtail fish adds a spark to the fish tanks. Aquariums need for variety and the swordtail definitely contain a quantity of color to your tank. The swordtail red velvet between 2 "-5" long and is the group of tropical fish or aquarium fish community.

Red Velvet swordtail fish is an omnivore that feeds on proteins, such as worms, grubs, etc. However, they eat plant and animal matter as well. The react better to live food, but still eat frozen and dried foods. Vegetables are a bonus as canned peas. For a stable staple food use pellets or flakes. The feeding of livebearer twice a day alternating between vegetables and protein. Most omnivores need a balanced diet so if you have a few omnivores different in your aquarium then put them in the same feeding cycle.

Viviparous fish as red velvet swordtail swim in the middle and top of the tank. Keep a good variety of fish in the aquarium so you do not have a group of different species of fish fighting for space on the top, middle or bottom. Viviparous are like bunny rabbits of the fish tank. New fish can get out quickly. They tend to play a little faster than most fish and she was not surprised one morning to see a moving guppies some extras for their fish tank. Red Velvet Swordtails not lay eggs that have live babies, so for children born alive make sure you have some decent hide outs for them not to get swallowed by other fish.

Livebearers need for hydrogen peroxide but not like the forced movement of water. Find a wimp to add oxygen to water. Livebearers also need some salt. Two teaspoons of salt for a normal tank 10 gallons of fish will do.

Other Livebearers available include Molly, Sailfin Molly, Platy and the good ol 'Guppy. – The Ultimate Fish Tank Guide For all Aquarium Lovers! This is the mecca for Fish Tank Maintenance, Tips and Tricks and Health information in regards to your tropical fish.

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