Aquarium Reef

By · Friday, March 27th, 2009

Aquarium Reef
Can I use my fresh water filter in a reef aquarium?

I'm converting my freshwater aquarium in a 10 gallon reef aquarium, and I wondered if it would be nice to use the same filter that was in fresh water as a reef off the

There is no reason to get another filter, provided that you have is the right size for the tank (filters 5-10 times the volume per hour, so per gallon to 10, scores of at least 50-100 gallons per hour). You have to cycle the tank again as freshwater bacteria will not survive the change to salt. Since you'll be using live rock (as specified reef tank), you get the bacteria that needs it. Note that 10 liters is small for a saltwater tank, and you may have trouble keeping temperature and constant water chemistry from the small volume allows faster temperature changes and evaporation will have a much greater effect than a tank with more volume.

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