Aquarium Reverse

By · Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Aquarium Reverse
Can I put bottled water in my aquarium fish? I want to lower the pH.?

My pH is super high because of the hardness of water, but only have a 5 gallon with tetras so I can not do something drastic from your tank so small. I wanted to add bottled water when I make my changes weekly 25% water. I just Use a couple of bottles and the rest of my tap water. It aims to reverse osmosis with magnesium chloride and some other things. Is this correct or wrong? Plz explain, thanks

It's okay to use bottled water in an aquarium, while the bottled water contains no chlorine (bottled water is no more). To lower the pH, however, will that use bottled water mostly, not a bit, especially if the tap water is hard and has a high pH. Without going into too much chemistry here the water will a lot of "buffering capacity" will have to overcome. Using bottled water is not very practical in a larger tank, but in a five-tank gallons that could be viable. On the use of four parts water to one part dechlorinated bottled tap water (because you want a bit of mineral content in water). If you get pH low enough to raise the share of bottled water and decreasing proportion of tap water until you get the desired result. Do not expect a fall immediately in pH, however. Bottled water is usually very soft with a neutral pH, so its hardness will be reduced immediately when you add new water, but the pH gradually turn more acidic (in days or even weeks) due to biological processes in the tank. Indeed, my first was a real aquarium five-gallon tank with some neon tetras.

Part 3/3: Watergeneral RD-102 RO+DI reverse osmosis water system for Aquarium reef

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