Aquarium Set

By · Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Aquarium Set

Nothing is more disappointing to me than to visit a pet store and find the apartment full of fish tanks with signs of poor maintenance. I have seen aquariums freshwater murky water, diseased fish, and incompatible species that occupy the same tank, creating a sad existence of creatures in the tanks. This usually be a sign of apathy or any abuse or a complete lack of knowledge of primary care practices of fish. However, even the stores that seem to follow good aquarium maintenance practices may be deficient. So what for?

When choosing a store to buy their supplies of freshwater aquarium and fish worth talking with staff and pay special attention to the health of the aquarium and the fish are kept there. Visit some stores and you quickly have a idea that the stores that want to do business. The product is very important, but a trained staff can make or break your success.

Here are some things to consider:

1. You want to develop a relationship with your provider. Staff should be knowledgeable and patient with their questions and concerns. They should offer suggestions based on questions they will have for you, as the size of the tanks, the types of fish you prefer, your level of experience, and how to begin. The stores must obtain a benefit for stay in business, but some say anything to sell you a kit with a few fish aquarium. This can be a recipe for disappointment when the fish get sick and die.

2. Inspect the tank and its inhabitants. Incompatible species are mixed in the tanks of the same? Does accented, healthy, and show a good color? Is the water clear and clean? The fish die, even in healthier environments, but a deposit must be disposed of immediately. Dead fish that appear to have been a couple of days are a sign of incompetence.

3. Another sign of trouble is a common disease called ick. This is fatal if untreated and first appears as small white spots in fish. Do not buy a fish from a tank with an infected fish! Ick only be introduced to your home aquarium where all of your fish may become infected. A trust store will not sell infected fish, so do not be fooled into bringing home the sick fish.

4. If you have sick fish care not to use drugs because some are toxic to certain species. Your store personnel should first find out what fish you have and be able to recommend treatment accordingly. Otherwise, you can learn the hard way and ultimately kill the fish they are trying to save. Listen carefully to the answers you get from shop staff. If you are vague about treatment, find another Shop for business.

5. Most stores offer a return policy if the fish die within two weeks. It is worth asking. A common means you can get a replacement or a refund.

6. There are basically two types of stores that offer items of aquarium. One is the shop full service offering all kinds of pet food and pets. The other is fresh water, and store dedicated saltwater aquarium. And while the store Full service may be cheaper, the store will always have devoted more skilled personnel, and generally offer the best products, services and advice.

So do a little research and visit some stores. A couple of visits to the store, even better would be to see how their experience is consistent. Once you have found the store that suits your needs and offers excellent service and advice, you'll be on your way to a happy and healthy aquarium.

Gary is an aquarium enthusiast and enjoys helping others with this amazing hobby. He has owned and maintained freshwater aquariums for over 20 years and teaches others how to set up a beautiful thriving aquarium. For more information and advice on how to keep your aquarium water clean or other useful tips please visit:

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