Aquarium Siphon

By · Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

Aquarium Siphon
Accidentally dumped too waaaaaaaaaay food in my aquarium?

Ok so I have a goldfish in a 20 gallon tank and I just cleaned the storage tank today. In any case, when I went to feed him I accidentally dumped in too much food waaaaaaaaay (probably about a quarter of cup). He quickly took the net and tried to scoop as much of the rocks with food as I could and then used my aquarium siphon vacuum in the area. I think I have most of it, but the food quickly dissolved and now the water is realllllllllly fog. I added some things like water treatment do not know if that will help at all. Is there anything else that can / should do?

you can make the change as 20 percent of water for about a week, 2 gallons of water out every day for a week and see if it works, I'm not sure if the area of clearing of water that really works, they really think their … evil, once used ich treatment with water clearing chemicals that killed my fish so be careful with that. Good Luck!:)

Aquarium Siphon

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