Aquarium Sponge

By · Friday, July 17th, 2009

Aquarium Sponge
Can not I use a conventional kitchen sponge to replace an aquarium filter sponge?

My aquarium sponge filter replacement needs. I'm very willing to spend to buy the appropriate one. Can I use a new kitchen sponge that has about the same as the porosity of sponge old aquarium?

no So if your father "were not willing to spend to buy" food? kitchen sponges have antifungal chemicals then it would kill the fish about 5 minutes to spend the extra $ 5 and get a real @ Rohn … STFU and clear things polyethylpropaline (PEP) is not the same as in nylon sponge filter and filter material they are made is not as important as kitchen sponges fungicides are tied with … has realized how rare it is a sponge for mold, but is a constant moist environment? dense sponge provides more surface area (one point), but decreases faster flow and clogs more brain-busters would like to share?

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